Saturday, September 27, 2008


Trickle down economy?
Looks like it has trickled UP to me

And flown right out the window

And now I suppose you want me to pay for it
And my children too
And my Grandchildren too
And my great grand children too...

I'm sorry Ronald Regan
But the curtain has fallen
And you have no cloths
You never did
It was all "backstage wardrobe"
You were just a naked old fool.

I'm not really "for" wasteful government

Handing all of the money over to the richest people, because they presumably know what best to do with it, doesn’t seem to be working.

So yes

Seeing that we have a population of over 300,000,000 people
In fifty states and a handful of possessions
That we have a ten trillion dollar economy
We are trying to interface with a number of complex emerging foreign economies
And act as the primary defense of the “free” world...

It’s a big county
With big problems

I want a big government

Not an inefficient one

But one with the scope and depth, necessary to protect our rights and see to our collective interests.

Let us be clear on this
Deregulation, for the most part
Has NOT worked.

I’m sorry too, John McCain
You were the deregulation maverick guru
And now you want to “rein in” the corruption on Wall Street?
(as my son would say)

I’m asking all, of my fellow Americans
To join me In becoming more active in government
WE are the people
The government is supposed to be
Of the people, for the people and by the people
U.S. = Us

“Decisions are made By those who show up”

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Cost

It’s all about greed
Over need

Us and them
Me and you
Have you any clue

What the actual cost
Of your lifestyle
Is, in human terms?

I bring it up at parties
And people get very uncomfortable


Spotted Owls
Polar Bears

I'm no longer a follower of any religion anymore.

Oddly enough, the more distance I have put between myself and organized religion, the more spiritual I have become.

That being said, I would like to ask the Christian followers, especially the hard core fundamentalists just one question:

If it doesn't matter, and life on Earth other than man is expendable, inconsequential... manifest destiny if you will

Then just what was the purpose of NOAH and THE ARK?

I am Noah
So are you
As are we all

The stewardship of the Earth/Ark has been passed down to us
Please let us not screw it up

If you can believe in Noah
Then believe that God has a plan for the Polar Bears